Possible McCain Landslide?

This is a well-written post with a number of insightful comments on the prospect of a McCain landslide. A landslide defeat would effectively end any future attempts at the presidency for Obama. America will be irretrievably broken should Obama be elected with a larger Democratic majority in Congress. Stacking the judiciary will be next on the to do list and there is no remedy for judicial tyranny if a filibuster-proof majority is in place. Liberal control of all three branches of government will make us all wish for a return to the “glory days” of GWB and the Republican Congress prior to the 2006 mid-term election. Nancy Pelosi and company are so adept at stonewalling and shirking responsibility, just bear witness to the current energy crisis. If Pelosi and company would just pay some attention to fundamental economics, there would be a huge psychological impact on the price of oil. The author of the American Thinker piece wrote the comment below. It strikes at the heart of what is at stake for all Americans in November.

*Dear Readers:

I have watched these past couple of days with amazement as comments have poured in from quite a divergent spectrum of voters. I’ve also been tracking this article on the web, seeing how many blogs have picked up this article and what the commenters are saying.

Truly, I did not anticipate touching such a nerve with this line of thinking about the upcoming election. But touch a nerve this did.

I, too, find John McCain a real enigma at times, and quite often have wanted to strangle the man for some of his compromises and downright un-conservative stands. But I have been researching Obama for many months now and have become convinced that this election will come down to one thing, and one thing only:

Is America worth saving?

If the answer, for you, an individual voter, is “yes,” then you must vote McCain. If the answer in your mind is, “No,” then you’ll get your wish with Obama and a stacked House and Senate.

Now that I have the encouragement of seeing such a wide spectrum of America-loving people, both Republicans and Democrats, that understand the bottom line here, I will be more committed than ever to getting out every shred of information I have on these candidates.

My very best regards to all of you, and thank you truly for all of this encouragement! Now, I’ll get back to work!


This is another insightful comment about the demographics of a general election and why this particular commentator believes an Obama victory would require a miracle of sorts. I am a bit more skeptical because John Kerry came within inches of the White House in 2004, even though he is a typical Northeastern liberal who basically hates the military.

*Here’s another perspective on this topic and it’s still timely – from Jay Severin ( June) in Boston “If the horrible were to happen (i.e. President Obama) Here are 10 Things that would have to occur:1. The students/young voter turn out is huge, historically unprecedented.2. African-American voters (same as above).3. Conservatives, alienated by McCain, stay home on election day.4. McCain runs “honorable” campaign, refusing to criticize Obama’s politics.5. The media referees the rules such that McCain is evil, Obama a saint.6. There is a new “electoral map”, whereby a Democrat can win without white, blue collar voters.7. Clinton primary voters give in and turn out for Obama.8. Independents break big for Obama.9. Obama actually does pull some Republican votes.10. The Libertarian Presidential Candidate (Yes, there will be one) draws a tiny number of votes…but just enough to make a difference in a close race.That is, A Perfect Storm of highly unlikely, unprecedented events – nothing less than a profound, historical sea change of American culture and politics – all combining to elect Obama.”I think the Liberals will be shocked. Where I live, 25 miles from Boston, they’re turning against Obama at breakneck speed.

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