Fix welfare?

Again, I’ll start with my usual disclaimer that I’m just a regular fellow that could easily fill rooms
the size of a large planet with things I don’t know. I just write what I think and let things fall as they may.

I read a story a month or so back about Republicans and conservatives getting raked over the coals on how they hate the poor, and don’t want to help them. I think it’s obvious that welfare as it exists today does nothing to help them either, but pointing that out typically just devolves into more of the same accusations. Why not, at state levels or lower, enact programs that develop facilities that take funds that would normally be diverted to people on welfare and use them to create basic shelter (from barracks style to no-frills family units), mess halls, basic clinic-style health services, and state employment agencies. Keep in mind this would not be an additional program but rather one that uses the funds or a portion thereof of former programs to help those in need.

I guess this stems from the fact that when I dropped out of college (I know) after high school, my parents did something very similar. In exchange for actively looking for work each week, and doing menial tasks around the house (and face it, I had done the same tasks for many years before as chores), I could have a place to stay, and would be fed (but obviously not to order). No telephone, television, gaming systems, computer, stereo or such device was allowed in the room I stayed in (such things of that nature I did own was placed in storage until I was back on my own), but I was free to sit in the living room and watch whatever they happened to be watching. I had a curfew (yes, even after I was no longer a minor) and I agreed to live there on their terms. It wasn’t fun or pretty, but I certainly recognize that it was helpful in a variety of reasons.

I didn’t have a comfortable life during this time period, but I did have access to a mailbox/address, a phone, and computer (theirs) to use for employment opportunities, and it certainly was less expensive than my parents paying for how I would have lived had I the choice…and such a living really lit a fire under me to get back out there and on my own.

Is it perfect? Of course not. Do I have all the details? Nope. But I certainly think something along these lines would be a lot better than the mess we have now.

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