Here's what I think...

I’m not much for writing, at least in any coherent manner, so keep that in mind.

I don’t understand why, time after time, we (read conservatives in general) are not only defined by liberals and progressives, but we make every attempt to explain and/or discredit their definitions on their ground. I read a tweet the other day about the GOP evolving their stance on immigration. What’s to evolve? Immigration is a good thing, as a melting pot country, we want the best of the best the world has to offer, regardless of where they originate, or what they happen to look like, or any other categorical nonsense. Sounds like a massively pro-immigration stance to me. I won’t get into the unlawful/illegal argument, as that’s not an immigration issue, rather an issue of law, of which I would hope we would also be massively pro-rule or law (with the obvious exception regarding unethical and tyrannical laws).

Also we seem to be so quick to get defensive with regards to wealth. Why? Wealth, when acquired through ethical means and via a free and open market, is a tool that helps build a successful and happy society (please refrain from using the “money doesn’t buy happiness” adage). I’m certainly pro-wealth, and I would love to see as many people as possible become successful and wealthy as well.

On the same token…why do we even have anything to do with organizations that are obviously as antagonistic to what we believe as can be? It seems to me that by engaging them on their terms, we’re practically accepting how they define us. Don’t like Planned Parenthood? Someone (or lots of someones) start or completely support a national organization/group that focuses on women’s actual health issues and seeks out potential parents for children and infants for adoption and completely write off anything with connections to PP.

I guess I’d just like to see us pushing what we believe in every arena in a positive and uplifting way, and where one avenue does not exist, we fill the vacancy, and stop kowtowing to every group in an attempt to defeat the definitions forced on us by those very groups.

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