That’s the particular feeling in which I was hovering all day. I had intentionally avoided all political news during the morning and afternoon, and opted instead to have a quiet dinner with family after work and then a quick Bible study with friends, hoping for that miracle of miracles that would bring much needed relief from the pent up agony that has been this election season.

Unfortunately, that miracle did not come.During the study however, one there made the comment that despite which candidate won or lost, the winner would be the leader of this country. Our leader, not just a leader of a certain section of the population; and that the sun will rise tomorrow and we will all go about our day as usual, and like every election beforehand, it could change after only a few years.

No, that didn’t immediately break me out of my mood, but it did get me to thinking: What an amazing system of government our republic is! In the short span of two years, this government could be turned on end. Another two, and we’re back in the middle of that sweet agony that ended tonight. What an incredibly short amount of time to pass before we’re off to the races again! And during that time we can and will find champions of those treasured values we hold so dear to rally behind and raise aloft in hopes of keeping that vision of life and freedom we name “America”.

In that short meanwhile, I will pray for our leaders that they be giving the guidance and understanding necessary for the task they are burdened with. I will pray that our country continue to be that vision for our own, and for those of the rest of the world.

And I will also pray that you forgive me the ramblings of my first diary.