David Price (D-NC4) Townhall

Last night, Rep. David Price held a town hall at NCCU in Durham, NC. I was actually interested in being there when he decided to hold one and had been regularly checking his site (http://price.house.gov) for a date, and when not seeing one, meant to call.

I didn’t get to go. Wanna know why? Because as of lunch yesterday, his site still had no information. It wasn’t until I got an email from the University’s College Republicans President that I found out about it. And surprise, I went to check out the website and there was the information. I got the email at 3:00pm. Arrival for the meeting was at 5:45pm. I had less than 3 hrs notice.  And the day my wife had with a very cranky baby didn’t afford me the luxury of calling and saying “last minute change, dear, I won’t be home til 8”.

But, in trying to get an idea of what went on, Google(tm) News sent me here where I found this bit of info in the comments:

Please do not try to speak for all Americans. I was at this public forum and it was clear that the vast majority of those in attendance support Price in his backing of the reform. Mark As Violation
Oh please, the supporters knew about this event way before the general public. Price’s office as of yesterday morning was saying no events were planned but when I heard of this earlier today and did some searching, I found that the website Democratic Underground had postings about this yesterday evening and the Organizing for America site had the same thing posted with the date of August 12th on the information. Maybe the vast majority of folks who were in support had a head’s up and could arrange to get there.

Yeah, I’m throwing the “shenanigans” flag on that play (I suspected as much anyway, but it’s good to know there’s information to substantiate the paranoia). Few things would make me happier than seeing this group of dou….people searching for new jobs come 2011.

Did anyone else make it and are willing to share their thoughts?