My Email to "[email protected]"

I’ve talked about my displeasure of Obama and all his plans with a multitude of people in casual conversation. I’ve shared via email and twitter and facebook my thoughts on the downward spiral our country is quickly taking due to the President’s agenda. I’ve made no apologies for what I’ve said. And it occurred to me: All of these people are obviously going to deluge the new [email protected] address with emails telling the President and his staff how concerned they are with my disinformation and astroturfing scheme. So, in compassion to the folks who have to deal with the email account in question, I twittered last night not to bother, that I would be turning myself in (that’s ~900 less emails they’ll be getting, plus whoever follows the #tcot hashtag). This morning I completed and sent the below email:

Dear Whitehouse,

I’m writing to you because I understand this is an email address we can
write to if we hear or see people speaking out against the reform that
President Obama so desperately seeks to bring. I realize that the White
House is a very busy place, and by this time, this address must be inundated
with hundreds, if not thousands of emails telling of friends, co-workers,
and even family members who have been obstacles to what the President and
Congress are trying to do for our country. So to be compassionate to the
folks in the Administration who must deal with this email, I’m saving them
hundreds more emails by turning myself in.

That’s right, I’m letting you know that I am a vocal opponent to what the
President is trying to do. On everything, in fact, but we can deal with
health care right now.

You see, Mr. President, I am a middle-class working American. I’m college
educated. I have a job that offers excellent benefits. And despite what
you’d like people to believe, the majority of Americans do as well. Only 19%
of those polled believe the system as is (or the “status quo” that is so
often maligned) believe their health care is poor (
http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/277036). But yet, we’re constantly
told that health care is a crisis in this country, that “50 million” *
Americans* cannot get health care (which is a lie on several levels, see
http://www.mrc.org/press/2007/press20070719.asp for one such discussion of
the real numbers).

Mr. President, when I look at other government run entities such as Social
Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and the newest addition to government failures,
the “Cash for Clunkers” debacle, I notice a common theme: they are either
bankrupt or well on their way. But yet you try to convince us that by
essentially expanding the already government provided health care benefits
to “all” Americans, you can do this and 1) keep costs within the
ever-changing monetary estimates, 2) do this without raising my taxes (oops,
apparently according to 2 of your own people, that’s not so much a reality)
and 3) you can do it without deficit spending. I’m sorry Mr. President, but
the government’s track record is pretty shotty. You couldn’t even get the
estimate for a measly $1B program like “Cash for Clunkers” right, but I should
expect the figures for something as massive as all-encompassing Health Care
to be correct? You must be joking.

I’d also like to point out that in your own words, in 2003 and 2007, you *
admitted* that you wanted a single-payer system that eliminates the need for
employer provided (read: private) insurance. But now you say that’s
*not* what you want. Which Obama should I believe? The one that was
candidly to his supporters, or the President desperate to push through the
crown-jewel of his presidency?

You also mentioned that the public plan was almost just like the plan
that you had when you were in Congress. However, there were two
amendments proposed to the bill that is being discussed in Congress.
One would make the public plan as nice as what Congresspeople get, and
the other would force Congresspeople to go on the public plan. Both
were shot down. If what you said is true, Mr. President, then why was
it necessary to bring such amendments to the table?

I would like to end my email by saying that you justify your need for
immediate action by claiming you get letters from people desperate and
asking for you to “fix” things. Mr. President, the changes would not
take effect until 2013. What are those poor people supposed to do for
the next 4 years.

I haven’t even gotten to the meat of the bill, nor do I have to. The
reasons above are more than justification enough for opposing what you
want to do. You’ve demonstrated time and time again that you have no
interest in helping people, but merely playing “politics as usual” and
ramming through legislation that does nothing but help those who help
you. Your ~$800B boondoggle of a “stimulus” package has done nothing
for job creation nor the economy (does 9.5% unemployment sound like
the recession is turning, Mr. President?). Last I heard 6% of the
money has been spent, so far. How can you claim that it’s helped

Mr. President, I not only oppose your plans for reforming health care,
but I vehemently oppose your plans. Not only your plans for health
care, but your plans for reforming the United States into a nation
that the Founding Fathers would be disgusted by. You nor anyone in
your administration scare me, and I will continue to use my God-given
freedom of speech, protected by the Constitution of the United States
to tell my friends, family, and co-workers what a disaster plans are
for our country. I will talk to them, email them use Twitter and
Facebook and go to Townhalls to make sure that people are educated on
just the man you are.

Mr. President, I hope you fail. It is only then our country will succeed.


Brian Johnson

PS. It’s encouraging to see that McCarthyism and Witch hunts are alive and well.

I refuse to be intimidated by these people.