You know, anytime I read the words

“The White House position mirrors the stand taken by the Bush administration” I know it’s going to be a good day. Because I know that in the US, there’s at least one lefty head exploding. And each time, I hope it’s Janeane Garofalo’s. But if it happens to be Rosie O’Donnell’s, I’ll count it as a win as well. One less lefty head of any sort is a win.So, in today’s episode of “Guess That Expired Obama Promise”, we’re treated to this gem from bsnbc.com:

Despite his campaign promise to “make White House communications public,” the Obama administration again is blocking the public from seeing White House visitor logs, this time refusing to disclose meetings with health care executives. Tonight, less than an hour before his news conference on health care, he released some of the information only after a nonprofit group filed a federal lawsuit.

So all during the Bush years, we were bombarded with the constant meme that Bushitler and his cohort Darth Cheney were constantly hiding the truth and obfuscating facts in an effort to dupe the American public into believing whatever would further their impirialistic goal of ruling the world with their iron fists. But, on Jan 20, 2009, the efforts of Bushitler/Darth Cheney to destroy the 22nd Amendment and set themselves up as dictators for life were foiled, and we were introduced to our new President, President Hopey-Changey. And President Hopey-Changey made many, many promises that would set him apart from the line or presidents before him.Funny how those promises get thrown out when it suits his needs just fine. In this case, the White House is not gung-ho about upholding their promise of transparency when it comes to White House visitor logs, in particular those dealing with the White House’s meeting with health care executives. It was only after a lawsuit was filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) that the White House decided to revisit the promise, but only partially. They released the names and times of the visitors, but not the entire logs.Obama’s promises remind me of shirts that were popular when I was in college. The shirt was made so that a message was written in large letters to say one thing, but up close you find there’s smaller font that says something different. I had one that went like this:

I was on

I-95 when I passed

the PGA Tour


In like fashion, I think Obama’s policy on transparency should read:

I promise to be completely open and transparent

as long as it doesn’t damn my agenda to socialize and destroy the US

and to share with the American people everything

except the stuff that sheds light on my true agenda or reveals the thug-like Chicago politics behind the scenes or does anythng to discredit me in any way or hurt my popular rock-star image.

Another broken Obama promise, and something else he “inherited” from Bush — the continuation of a policy that President Bush was skewered by the left for.