Why I listen to Conservative Talk Radio

Friday afternoon, via Twitter, I decided to tweet a rather smart revelation I had to give the Dems a hand: If only they’d get Timmah “Turbo Tax” Geitner to pay his taxes, they’d have more than enough money to cover their HealthScare scam. A few minutes later, I was treated to this tweet in reply:

CyberCzarPol@khelek <– right wing delusional freak that believes everything Rush & Hannity tells him like a good little boy with no brain. #tcot

Now, I must say that, given the traffic the #tcot hashtag gets, I’m deeply honored to have been singled out by this left-wing Twitter brain donor. I later offered to be his BFF so that he could share with me why he believes the Fairness Doctrine is fair, along with what he believes a “theocracy” is, but sadly he didn’t take me up on my offer. He did, however, offer me a cookie and advice only Joycelyn Elders would give.

But I digress. What I wanted to address was the heart of his tweet — the tired and stale idea that we Conservatives have heard since AM radio was revived in 1988: that for 9 hours a day, between 12 and 9pm, we dutifully sit by our radios and get our marching orders from Rush, Hannity, and The Great One himself, Mark Levin. And the 15 hours we can’t listen to them, we continue our indoctrination by staying glued to the TV being assimilated by Fox News.

I make no apologies, I love Conservative talk radio. And I know that many other Redstaters do as well. If only I had 9 hrs to devote each day, but sadly it’s tough enough getting in the 2 hr Rush podcasts I’ve subscribed to.

But why? Unlike the liberal, who must watch BSNBC, CNN, and the various other state-run “news” outlets to get their talking points, Conservatives don’t. I’ve always been Conservative, though not always self-aware of that fact. I remember having abortion being defined to me in 1988 as an 8th grader and literally feeling so sick to my stomach I thought I would throw up. I’ve always known America is great, that our military men and women are heroes and deserving of nothing but praise, that lower taxes mean more freedom and prosperity, and ultimately government sucks. These were beliefs that no one, not even my parents, taught me. They’re just common sense things I’ve come to realize as I became more and more aware of the world around me.

We don’t listen to these guys because we have no brain and need them to tell us what to do or who we are. We listen to them because they tell us the things that the state-run media won’t. They let us know the truth behind what’s going on. They give us the facts that don’t get reported anywhere else. For example, on Rush’s show mid-June, he shared an WSJ editorial by the CEO of Safeway, discussing how they were able to keep insurance costs affordable without *gasp!* government intervention (here). However, because this goes against the meme that only Obama and government can save us from this health care “crisis”, I’m willing to bet that no one in the MSM had the guts to share it. Same goes for the 46 million uninsured lie. If not for Rush, etc, we’d only know what the MSM puts out to push their pro-Obama agenda.

I liken it to going to church. I go every Sunday to hear my preacher preach. I don’t listen to him because he tells me what to believe. As a Christian, I’ve read the Bible and have come to my conclusions (as I believe led by the Holy Spirit) on the Bible, God, and who Jesus Christ is. I listen to my preacher because I know that his beliefs are in line with mine and that his preaching ultimately comes from God. I learn from him, and I have the Bible to study after the sermon for myself and see if he speaks Truth.

The same with Rush and company. They teach and they give us the resources. We can then go to those resources, do our homework, and come to our own conclusions.

So no @CyberCzarPol, it’s not us on the Right that walk around, zombie-like, waiting to be spoon fed our beliefs. I believe that distinction belongs to your side.