McCain’s Next Step: Economics

John McCain is already winning over voters who are most concerned about terrorism. He’s gotten social conservatives excited by picking Palin, and aiming to pick up some blue-collar, working class votes with her “conservative populism”. He’s going to try and make a large dent in the demographic of women. Now, there’s one key demographic he’s still got to shore up and he might just win this thing: fiscal conservatives.

Fighting pork and wasteful spending is nice and all, but Obama’s attack ads about McCain not offering a middle-class tax break have some ring of truth to them.

Absolutely, it’s clear that Obama/Biden are putting all their bets on economics/health care, that’s all they have left.

McCain/GOP need go on offense with their own economic vision. They should focus on spending, fiscal responsibility, lowering the cost of energy and health care, and restoring the fundamentals of the economy so that salaries will rise and people can get working again – once said, the best social program is a job.

2 more months left… Marxists and Socialists are banned from WH forever!