Real Conservatives Don't Engage in Class Warfare

The major players in the upcoming NY-26 special election have, rightfully, solidified around Jane Corwin as our nominee. Jane will be great in the US House: as an Assemblywoman, she racked up one of the single most conservative records in the chamber, routinely voting against the big government agendas being advanced in Albany.

There are those who have been attacking Jane from the right, and I have never doubted that these attacks were motivated by selfishness, not commitment to the cause.  Last night, I received an email from the campaign of David Bellavia, signed by former US Senate candidate Gary Berntsen, in which Berntsen makes some academically offensive statements. Bellavia should be ashamed to associate himself with this type of rhetoric:

David is not seeking public office because he is rich and bored. He is a bedrock conservative running on principle, honor and integrity – three core values he learned and exhibited on the deadly battlefields of Iraq.

You see, while his opponent was hosting glamorous house parties, David was fighting house-to-house against an enemy lying in wait to ambush Americans.

While his opponent was showing up for work in a comfortable job at a family company, David was leading a platoon of men who were fighting and dying for our nation.

While his opponent was inheriting millions, David was kicking down doors, taking heavy fire and fighting in brutal hand-to-hand combat in squalid bombed out houses booby-trapped to blow his men into a million pieces.

[emphasis added]

What kind of conservative attacks someone for being wealthy? That’s something liberal Democrats do. Are we really expected to dislike a candidate because she or her family has gone so far in their pursuit of the American dream? That Berntsen, and by extension, Bellavia, would engage in such conduct is despicable, and there’s no place for mentality like that in the conservative movement.

No one questions David Bellavia’s love of country or his service in defense of our way of life. But putting out emails like the one quoted above shows a lack of something equally important: judgement.