Conservatives should stop whining!

So many posts recently – how McConnell and Boehner are doing whatever the Obama wants & screwing all of us again!  Give me a break!  I am sick & tired of this whining because conservatives had a chance to do something about it individually as a person but did not do it!

Yes, everyone one of us (conservatives) had the power – but most of us did Not exercise it!  I am discussing about Not voting for the Republican Liberals.   When the primary challengers lost, most conservatives gave up & did the same thing, pull the lever for GOP. It is like an addiction!! There is No excuse for voting for these traitors, who are actively working with Dems to strip the power from conservative senators and representatives.  I mentioned about it before the elections — Did Not Vote for anyone in TX Senatorial election because “knife Cruz in the back” Cornyn was the GOP candidate!

Despite so many prior instances of being screwed by the republican traitors, conservatives still vote for them.  If well informed people cannot understand the situation & do the right thing, it is going to be impossible to wean the GOP sheep from voting for these republican liberal leaders and their cohorts.

When are we going to act in a way that says “Enough is Enough”  – yet to see, articles and posts, calling for a concerted action against GOP leadership & GOP liberals by Not voting for them.  Not enough voices in RS or the talk shows about cleaning up our house before we fight the enemies!  On the other hand, hear or read  lot of reasons why GOP leadership is caving or why other side is not playing fair etc. etc. —tons of excuses to justify Republican Liberals even by conservatives!  It looks like conservatives are trying to justify their actions for voting for these traitors?

Would like to see conservative from different states making a pledge that they will Not vote for Republican Liberal any more!  Identify the Republican Liberals who voted with McConnell & Boehner — Let us throw them out in 2016.  Each of us can make a difference – Tea Party of One!