GOP Presidential Candidates - Things are looking bright!

Conservatives, Tea Partyers & even Libertarians — it is time to celebrate!  It is actually good news that so many Republican Liberals are running this time.  Last time, there was only one legitimate Republican Liberal – Mitt Romney running for the POTUS on the GOP side!  All other candidates had some weaknesses but none came close to Romney’s record as a liberal! There was one issue – Obamacare that would have prevented Obama from winning a second term but what Republicans did (not conservatives or Tea Partyers) – they selected the Godfather of Obamacare!

This time there are at least 3 bonafide Republican Liberals – Romney, Christie & Jeb Bush and if we add the fraud, Huckabee – it will be 4 Republican Liberals with solid credentials as Liberals!   I am going to enjoy watching them kill each other & posing as conservatives!

This is the best chance for conservatives & Tea Partyers to elect a Real Conservative as our nominee.  We have to come together quickly and choose Scott Walker or Jindal (hope Cruz can stay in the senate to support the conservative president & wait for his turn after 8 years!) so that we have a proven conservative who has executive experience!  It is important that we coalesce around one of these conservative governors quickly & all of us support that candidate in whatever way possible against attacks from Republicans (bigger threat, in my opinion) and Liberal media to push him to victory!http://www.redstate.com/wordpress/wp-admin/post.php?post=199542&action=edit&message=6#edit_timestamp

At last, things are looking up for Conservatives and Tea Partyers!