How many of you really think, things will be different?

Hopefully, most people on the Right have come down to earth after an amazing Republican victory –it is time to be objective & take stock of the situation.

“Fool me……..twice, thrice, four times shame on us” — we are already in 6 or 7th –when it comes to Republican Liberals who make the leadership of this once great party who stood for principles!  Republican got what they wanted — they won an election telling us nothing! Yes, they never said they will repeal Obamacare or Stop Amnesty or any of the major Obama destructive initiative that was enacted or going to be enacted!

How many of you think that these Republican frauds would have the courage to stand up & start the impeachment procedures if Obama starts the amnesty process by executive order?

If we wanted to change the landscape & save this country, we (conservatives, Tea Partyers & Libertarians) should have gotten rid of few Republican Liberals — McConnell, Grahamnesty, & few others!

One thing is certain — by electing Republican Liberals to the leadership, we have ensured that Conservatives would be pushed to the side, their powers curtailed and active destruction of Cruz so that he does not run for POTUS!  Republican Liberals will teach a lesson to Cruz, Lee & others to make sure the incoming Conservatives do Not get any bright ideas of opposing McConnell, Boehner etc.

Republicans will destroy Conservatism Not Liberals!