"GOP Leadership Considering Rules To Punish Party Disloyalty" - townhall.com

I am Not gloating but I predicted this a month ago in my diary!  I said KY conservatives & Tea Partyers should NOT vote for McConnell & take the opportunity to send a message to Republican Liberals. More importantly, I pointed out that by electing McConnell, we are emboldening Republican Liberals & middle of the roaders will join them & make sure the conservatives in the Senate & House would be sidelined & stripped of all their power!

Unfortunately, most of you did not agree with me (including conservatives!) — hope you have learnt your lesson!   Every action supporting the Republican Liberals is a NOT a vote against Liberals but against the Conservatives!

Conservatism will NOT be defeated by Liberals but by Republicans!  It is very important we throw traitors aka Republican Liberals out first before we fight the liberals if we want to save this country!  Lose the battle & Win the War!

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