Call to KY Conservatives, Libertarians & Tea Partyers (CLT group)

KY – you have a golden opportunity to change the future of this country!  I see that KY senate race is getting closer every day —this is the opportunity that every Conservative, Libertarian or Tea Partyer wish he or she had!

Do Not vote for Head of the Republican Liberal movement – McConnell!  Let us start a new future for this country.  This will send the shock waves among other liberals in the Republican party Not to keep screwing the conservatives again and again!  Also, this will give embolden the few conservative senators to take the lead on issues and also, bring the moderate fence sitters to support the conservative senators.

I have repeatedly implored CLT members in this forum that “Throw the Traitors first before we fight the Enemies” and history is providing a great opportunity in KY.  It is imperative that we remove the head of the Republican Liberals (RINO does not do justice & have been using this term for more than a year).  I am sure there are many secret Republican Liberal supporters here (let us not forget somebody in this forum worked for the reelection campaign of another traitor Cornyn – unfortunately here in TX, he is leading by a wide margin!) who will try to influence all of you with dire consequences if McConnell does not win —we have been through all that in the last 16 years!  Nothing changed!

The country cannot be saved with this group of people who have Zero principles & hence the goal should be lose the battle (short-term) & win the war!

P.S – all the apologists for the Republican party — there is No significant difference between Republican Liberals & Democrats!  You are the problem — go commit suicide by voting for these traitors!

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