Primaries do Not work

It is time for the Tea Partyers & Conservatives to look at the Republican primaries (for that matter primary system itself) objectively – does this system work to eradicate the Republican Liberals from the party?  The answer is a emphatic NO!  The system worked when the Tea Party had the advantage of the wild card!  For example, nobody in the establishment (aka Republican Liberals) took Tea Party or the candidates seriously!   The Republican establishment also underestimated the power of endorsements from Palin, Levin etc.

Let us look at the current primary – most of the Tea Party guys were defeated because Republican Establishment did not underestimate the Tea Party and had a clear strategy!  With respect to the established Republicans in the senate (Mitch, Cornyn,), they aligned with Tea Party type senators so that they there was no groundswell opposition from all corners of the Tea Party.  Also, the Tea Party senators, either supported the Establishment ( a la Rand Paul) or did not openly support the challenger ( a la Cruz). I hope the Tea Partyers & Conservatives remember this next time these people come for help!  Also, there were many candidates running against Cornyn muddying the water — am suspicious that many were running at the behest of the Cornyn to split the vote and also to make it hard on primary voters who gave up & ended voting for Cornyn!  The new Republican candidates, many are moderates aka Republican Liberals, fooled the Tea Partyers by coopting some of the Tea Party agenda and at the same time getting support from Karl Roves & establishment support! They will surely join the establishment after the election but they were able to fool many of the primary voters who do not pay lot of attention.

We are back to square one with respect to primaries — it is not possible to dethrone a sitting Republican senator or establishment supported candidate.  The last few Tea Party successes have made the establishment republicans adapt & change the strategy to nullify the  Tea Party & conservatives.  It is the Tea Party turn to adapt since we (Tea Party & Conservatives) still have the power!   We should Not vote for the Establishment Republicans – Period!  It is ok if the Dems win the elections in the near future — it will send a clear message! Also, we clearly communicate to Rand Paul & Cruz of the world that they cannot take our support for granted if they do not support other fellow Tea Party candidates.  Lose the battle but Win the War against Republican Liberals!  Once these guys are eradicated, we can fight the enemies – Dems!  Send a message & do Not vote for Establishment Republicans!