Stockholm Syndrome at RS?

If you go through many of the comments  – there is a common thread among most of them.  You see republican/conservative faithful still mentioning that we should get senate also & then we can really change the course?? I am really saddened & the only rational explanation is that “Stockholm Syndrome” – where the hostages start feeling empathy for their captors, is at play!  How else can you rationalize this line of thinking because most people who post their comments are the well informed & still believe this group of frauds – call them “Republican Liberals” (RINO does not do justice anymore) – will come through if they have a majority!  I will Bet my home that even if we get 2/3rd majority in the senate & house, these Republican Liberals will Not repeal Obamacare!  They will tell us that we need to elect a Republican POTUS to get rid of Obamacare! Most of the GOP elected officials do Not oppose the growth of government & they might do few changes to Obamacare but will Not get rid of it!!

What is the way to cure the Stockholm Syndrome — usually psychiatric treatment.  What is the equivalent of that in politics?   We need many voices to tell these people that it is time to question the GOP elected officials & make sure that GOP faithful elect only those that have a track record of conservatism! More so, to throw out the “Republican Liberals” out of power at the earliest.  In fact, it is better to lose power in the near future to Dems so that conservatives can take over the GOP party!

Our near term objective should be to make sure we throw out the GOP leadership & other Republican liberals & make sure we elect conservatives before thinking about taking over senate or retain house with the frauds who do Not believe in conservative principles.