Democrat Game Plan

Here’s what we can expect from the Democrats for the foreseeable future. Gaining the White House and a Super Majority in the House and Senate were only the initial phase of the plan. And though they executed it almost flawlessly, there is still much more work to be done. Relinquishing power is never an option. The country must be transformed permanently.

Phase One-four year plan:

Pass an immediate ‘stimulus package’ to give our faithful supporters, the working poor and middle class, a bone. This will not stimulate the economy of course, we simply bemoan the failed Bush economic policies as being too dire for even this primary effort to have an effect.

Reinstate the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ to stifle all opposition speech. This is essential for our radical agenda to succeed. An uninformed public is our greatest strength (See Election 2008).

Reinstate the offshore oil drilling ban.

Pass a comprehensive immigration bill that grants ‘amnesty’ to every illegal immigrant thereby gaining another 20 million faithful democrat voters scattered across the country, with most settled in Texas and Arizona; two ‘Red States’ that will be turned ‘blue’ for a generation. With opposition speech now silenced this should be very doable.

Convince our liberal supreme court justices to retire and replace them with younger, more liberal justices that can influence the court for the next generation.

Announce the immediate withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq while simultaneously declaring victory for the war fought. President Obama will be portrayed by our allies in the press as a great ‘wartime President’ while appeasing the pacifist wing of the democrat party. The withdrawal will be a long, drawn out process taking nearly two years, but in the eyes of the American public, we will have victory.

Cut military spending by 50% and divert those funds to create a new civilian defense force. Among the responsibilities this force will undertake, is community organizing and overseeing of elections.

Implement the Obama Cap and Trade Scheme, punishing businesses and killing jobs, while driving up energy costs nationwide. The rise in costs can be blamed on the Bush administration that failed to implement a workable energy policy.

Allow the Bush tax cuts to expire and raise the top rate to 85%. Cut, or eliminate altogether, taxes on people earning less than $75,000 a year. With increased job losses and energy prices this number will be include most Americans, including the newly naturalized citizens from south of the border. The rich will finally be paying their fair share. Everyone else will be dependent on the government.

With the aid of the courts and our allies in the legislature, repeal the 22nd amendment thereby eliminating term limits for President of the United States. With our newly formed civilian defense force overseeing elections, Barack Obama will serve as President for life.

Phase Two-TBA