Support Ryan Frazier in Colorado's Seventh Congressional District

Every two years Americans hold their members of Congress accountable. If they have done a good job representing them they send them back to Washington, but if they fail to lead they can be replaced.

The last few years, we’ve seen the effects of failed Democratic policies. Unemployment is too high, businesses are uncertain about the future and are holding back from hiring and investing, and we’re trillions of dollars deeper in debt.

Americans want fresh, new, conservative leaders to find solutions to these problems. Today in Colorado, I campaigned with one of those new leaders, Young Gun candidate Ryan Fraizer.

Ryan Frazier and Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Ryan is a Navy veteran, a small business owner, co-founder of a charter school, and Aurora City Council member.

Incumbent Rep. Ed Perlmutter has walked the Democratic party line. He voted for the failed stimulus, the government takeover of health care, and cap-and-trade energy tax.

Ryan offers real change. Ryan believes in “free markets, less spending, lower taxes, and investing in innovation” not more spending, higher taxes, and more debt.

He opposes the stimulus because “it has failed to do what it’s promised.” That’s plain as day: unemployment is still high.

As a small businessman, Ryan understands the increased costs and burdens the health care law will have on small businesses. He wants to repeal it and replace with free markets solutions like medical liability reform, small business buying pools, and allowing insurance purchases across state lines.

For Ryan, it boils down to fostering an “environment of regulatory certainty” for business.” If they know their taxes won’t be going up and Washington’s reckless spending is under control they’ll be confident in hiring more workers.

Ryan’s solutions on jobs and the economy won The Denver Post’s endorsement. I know he’s also winning over voters in this swing district.

Check out Ryan’s website and follow him on Twitter.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy