Support Mick Mulvaney in South Carolina's Fifth Congressional District

Americans have so strongly rejected the Democrats’ failed policies that even long-time incumbents aren’t safe. One example is in South Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District, where Young Gun candidate Mick Mulvaney is challenging the 28-year Democratic incumbent, Rep. John Spratt.

Mick Mulvaney,Young Gun,South Carolina

Mick is a State Representative and small business owner who knew our country couldn’t continue on the path the Congressional Democrats were taking us. His district needed new leadership.

Spratt has lost touch with his district and sided consistently with Speaker Nancy Pelosi on important issues like the failed stimulus bill, the cap and trade energy tax, and the government takeover of health care.

In defending his vote on the stimulus bill, Rep. Spratt claims it created jobs. But unemployment has continued to go up despite the Democrats’ rhetoric that it would not rise above 8%.

Mick has a better way to get people back to work. He supports tax cuts to let private industry “do what they do best: create, innovate, produce … and hire.”

Rep. Spratt also continues to defend his vote for the unpopular health care law.

On that unpopular bill, Mick thinks that “the best thing we can do to keep the jobs we’ve got is” to get rid of it.

Looming over the debate of these important issues is increased government spending and debt. Mick knows we have to get our spending under control.

Under Rep. Spratt’s watch, the debt has skyrocketed to over $13 trillion. This fiscal irresponsibility was exemplified this year when Rep. Spratt – the chairman of the House Budget Committee – did not get a budget through the House for the first time in history since the Budget Act.

This shows how badly Washington is broken.

Mulvaney sums up why new leadership is needed:

“The truth of the matter, the last several years our congressman has changed. And it’s time for us to change congressmen.”

The Fifth Congressional District can’t afford someone who sided with Speaker Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time.

Check out Mick’s website and his Facebook page.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy