Support Todd Young in Indiana's Ninth Congressional District

NOTE: This post originally appeared on Hoosier Access.

You’ve seen our economy deteriorate during this recession. We know family, friends, and neighbors who have lost their jobs–even their homes. Americans are hurting.

Yet, Congressional Democrats claim they did so much good. But we’re smarter than those empty words. We know their trillion-dollar billion stimulus bill didn’t bring unemployment below 8% like they promised.

Oddly, a Democrat like Baron Hill in Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District thinks he and his party deserve two more years in office to fix the economy.

Americans know better. And voters in Indiana can help break up the Democratic monopoly in Washington with Young Gun candidate Todd Young.

Todd Young

Todd is a former Marine, father of four, and fifth generation Hoosier.

I mentioned earlier that creating jobs and improving the economy are on voters’ minds. Todd has seen the Democrats spend, borrow, and tax, and he knows there’s a better way. Todd opposes the government takeover of health care bill, will fight to cut wasteful spending, and doesn’t support a job-killing cap-and-trade energy bill.

Todd is offering voters an honest discussion. One thing that’s disturbed me with the Congressional Democrats is their habit of not listening to the American people. The people are Congress’ bosses. Congress serves the people, not the other way around. We need leaders like Todd in Washington who understand that.

You may have seen the video of Baron Hill dictating the rules of a town hall meeting to participants. All the student wanted to do was film the town hall for her journalism class. Hill’s response was, “This is my town hall meeting. I set the rules.”

Hill didn’t listen at that meeting, and he didn’t listen to his constituents when he sided with other fellow Congressional Democrats in voting for the failed stimulus, cap and trade national energy tax, and the government takeover of health care.

Todd is actually listening in his district, and he’ll listen when he’s serving in Congress. Please check out his website and his Facebook page and let me know what you think.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy