Support Paul Gosar in Arizona's First Congressional District

Speaker Pelosi and President Obama promised that health care costs would go down. That hasn’t happened. Just look at what happened to Washington State resident Ralph Nilssen:

“Obama care went into effect and my rates went through the roof,” said Nilssen.

We need to repeal the bad health care law and replace it with reforms that lower costs and improve quality. To do that, we could use some more common-sense in Congress. In Arizona’s First Congressional District, that choice is Young Gun candidate Paul Gosar, who I had the pleasure of campaigning with earlier this week.

Paul Gosar

This dentist from Flagstaff is one of many Americans from a medicine background who stepped forward to run for office when their country needs them. He knows the health care law won’t work:

“As a healthcare provider I understand firsthand how inefficient the Federal Government is at running health care and I know that this bill will do nothing but lower the quality of care.”

Instead, Paul would allow consumers to buy health insurance in other states, creating more competition. As a dentist, he’s very aware of how frivolous lawsuits add to health care costs, and supports tort reform. Both these ideas actually help lower health care costs.

On the campaign trail, Paul’s opponent, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick talks about how independent she is. But when her vote was needed the most–for the failed economic stimulus bill and the health care bill–she sided with Speaker Pelosi.

Paul opposes both bills. Instead of more spending and growing government, he wants to cut government spending and lower taxes to get the economy creating more jobs.

Visit Paul’s website and Facebook page. Also, in Arizona and other states early voting has already begun.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy