Support Nan Hayworth in New York's Nineteenth Congressional District

Americans everywhere are fed up with the failed leadership of Democrats in Washington –even in the supposedly blue state of New York. The Republican message of more jobs and less spending is resonating. Leading the charge in New York’s Nineteenth Congressional District is Young Gun candidate Nan Hayworth.

Nan Hayworth

Nan has watched businesses shut their doors or move away from her district because of high taxes. Her opponent, John Hall, had a chance to oppose impending tax increases. He sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging her to schedule a vote to continue the 2001/2003 tax rates. But the very next day, he flip-flopped. Hall caved to the liberals and voted to leave Washington without even holding a vote on preventing the tax increases. Hall’s excuse was, “I know futility when I see it.” That’s a lack of leadership, especially when the vote to adjourn (not holding a vote to prevent the tax increases) passed by just one vote.

Nan wants to lead and make sure taxes don’t rise and kill jobs. As she rightly states:

“What the government takes from American taxpayers saps the vitality of the private sector, the dynamic engine that creates growth and new jobs.”

Nan agrees that our debt problem isn’t from taxing too little; it’s from spending too much. She is a fiscal conservative with ideas to cut spending. Not to mention that Nan brings considerable expertise on health care issues. The unpopular government takeover of health care law needs to be repealed and replaced with reforms that empower patients, not bureaucrats. Some of Nan’s ideas include expanding Health Savings Accounts and passing tort reform to reduce the costly burden of defensive medicine. As a doctor immersed in the health care industry, Congress can use her insight and real-world perspective.

Nan is passionately campaigning to defend our constitutional freedoms and “returning power to Americans burdened by an overwhelming federal government.” Visit her website and her Facebook page.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy