Support Scott Bruun in Oregon's Fifth Congressional District

Democrats are playing defense as voters don’t approve of how they’ve run their monopoly of power in Washington.

Does this surprise you? Democrats have ignored Americans by putting us and future generations deeper into debt. They rammed through a health care bill they didn’t even bother to read. The voters are rejecting these out-of-touch liberal policies, and instead are open to new, conservative leadership.

I’ll be in Oregon today campaigning for one such leader – Young Gun candidate Scott Bruun. He has a good chance of winning in Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District.

Scott Bruun

When it comes to the critical issues in this election, consider that Scott’s opponent, Rep. Kurt Schrader, has stood with Nancy Pelosi over 97% of the time. For instance, Rep. Schrader voted for both the failed stimulus bill and the unpopular government takeover of health care bill.

Scott, a businessman and former state legislator, opposes both. He knew right away the stimulus bill wouldn’t create jobs. He said, “When it was first introduced, I thought it would fail.”

On the health care bill that empowers Washington bureaucrats and not doctors and patients, Scott called it a “disastrous piece of legislation.” It cuts Medicare by $500 billion and won’t stop rising health care costs. Scott’s ideas for really fixing health care include tort reform, letting people buy insurance across state lines, and letting people “enjoy the same tax benefits that companies enjoy.” We need those free-market ideas, not top-down government control, to help lower costs and improve quality.

Like other parts of the country, people in the Fifth District are feeling the effects of high unemployment. To create more jobs, Scott thinks “Congress must spend much less so that American families can keep a little more.” As Scott points out, everyday, we can’t continue to spend about $4 billion more than we take in. That creates economic uncertainty, which makes it more difficult for businesses to hire new workers. We need to stop the red ink from flowing.

Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District is one of the most competitive in the country. Pundit Charlie Cook calls the race a “toss-up.”

We need leaders like Scott in Washington to help take us off the path of more debt and bigger government. Check out Scott’s website and his Facebook page.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy