Support Jaime Herrera in Washington's Third Congressional District

This weekend, I was at the Bakersfield Business Conference, and enjoyed meeting all the men and women in attendance that are working hard to grow their businesses and create jobs. Washington can learn a lot from these job creators.

You don’t need me to tell you that the number one issues for Americans is jobs and spending. The Democrats said their $800 billion stimulus bill would create jobs, but we know that didn’t happen. Instead, we’re saddled with more debt and a business community uncertain of what the government will do next.

In Washington’s Third Congressional District, voters have a chance to send someone to represent them in Congress with common-sense judgment. That person is House GOP Young Gun Jaime Herrera, who I will be visiting to help campaign with.

Jaime Herrera

Jaime is a bright state legislator and is focused on job creation. She’s listening to small business owners and promoting free-market solutions instead of the Democrats’ big government approach.

Jaimie’s opponent, Denny Heck, admits he would have voted for the failed stimulus and the massive government takeover of health care. We can see that approach hasn’t helped the economy. We can’t afford the Democrats’ old, tired ideas. With Jaime, the voters will have someone who saw the stimulus bill as chance to “run up the deficit by spending money for pet projects and call it a ‘jobs plan.’”

As it relates to the Democrat’s health care law, a McDonald’s franchise owner told Jamie:

“Talk about financial devastation and also administrative and management of the whole process. This is going to cost me 31 percent of my net income.”

Jamie wants to repeal the health care law and replace it with reforms like “association health plans” that allow small businesses to have the same buying power as big businesses.

Take a look at Jamie’s website and follower her on Twitter. She’s a great example of the new generation of conservative leaders stepping up to make a change in Washington.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy