Support Brad Zaun in Iowa's Third Congressional District

In case you missed it yesterday, Townhall.com ran my op-ed called “The Comeback Kids.” It looks at our journey as Republicans over the last few years. Here’s a taste:

This fall, we will witness a comeback; not just of the Republican Party, but of the principles Americans hold so dear. No longer will government exist merely to perpetuate itself or to use the American people as pawns in a nonstop political game. We can stop the out of control spending, enable businesses to create jobs, turn the state of the economy around and have a government that is accountable to the public. With the help of the American people, Republicans are ready to lead again, and this time, we will not let America down.

Contrast that with bad Democratic policies that have created a climate of uncertainty, record deficits, and unemployment hovering close to double digits. One of those bad policies is the government takeover of health care imposed on Americans by the Democratic monopoly in Washington. In Iowa’s Third Congressional District, Brad Zaun is campaigning against the law and the other job-killing policies supported by his Democrat incumbent opponent that has been in Washington for 14 years.

Brad Zaun

Brad knows the health care bill has already led directly to job losses. Iowa’s Principal Financial Group will cut up to 1,500 jobs and get out of the health care insurance market because of the health care law.

Brad is holding his opponent accountable. After all, his opponent voted with other Congressional Democrats to adjourn without passing a single budget bill, and taking a pass on stopping the largest tax hike in history.

On the tax front, Brad understands small businesses. He used to run a hardware store. He knows firsthand that taxing a business won’t get them to hire more people.

Washington needs more leaders like Brad. Check out Brad’s website and follow him on Twitter.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy