Support Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania's Eleventh Congressional District

Note: This was originally posted on PAWatercooler.com.

We’re less than four weeks away from Election Day, and we have an exciting race in Pennsylvania’s Eleventh Congressional District between Young Gun candidate, Lou Barletta and long-time Democrat Paul Kanjorski.

Lou Barletta

Lou, the mayor of Hazleton, PA, has correctly called for accountability from Kanjorski and Congressional Democrats for the unsustainable growth of government, job losses, and the poor economy:

People are worried about the number of jobs we’ve lost, seniors are upset about the $500 billion Congressman Kanjorski cut from Medicare, and people are scared about the government takeover of our health care, and they’re holding Congressman Kanjorski to blame because he’s been in Washington for 26 years.

Kanjorski, the 26-year incumbent, voted for the trillion dollar failed stimulus bill and the government takeover of health care bill. Contrast that with Lou. As a mayor, Lou knows government can’t maintain that kind of spending. Eventually the bill comes due. Lou points out, billions of dollars the Democrats are using to grow government comes from China, and that weakens us globally.

One way Lou wants to get control of government is repealing the health care law. Lou worries the taxes Kanjorski and the Democrats raised in it “will force manufacturers to cut jobs.” That won’t help those looking who are out of work. Lou would look for health care solutions that empower consumers, not the government: letting people buy insurance across state lines and encouraging wellness programs.

There are definite policy differences between the two candidates, but there are also differences in how they treat voters. While Lou engages them and listens to their concerns about jobs, the debt, and the unpopular health care law at town hall meetings, Kanjorski hides from reporters. He doesn’t want to defend the Democrats’ big government record.

I’m happy to see Lou’s work is paying off. Congressional pundits Stuart Rothenberg and Larry Sabato recently moved the race from “Toss-Up” to “Lean Republican.”

Polls also have Lou in the lead, but the only poll that matters is on Election Day. Let’s help him maintain that momentum by checking out his website and following him on Twitter.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy