Support Rick Crawford in Arkansas' First Congressional District

After adjourning, Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic leaders tried spinning their legislative “accomplishments” to reporters.

What were those accomplishments? An unpopular government takeover of health care bill; a failed economic stimulus bill; and unemployment that is still near double-digits.

I’m not surprised Americans are tired of these bad ideas, which is helping to build an electoral wave for common-sense solutions.

That wave is hitting Arkansas. Arkansans are tired of the same-old liberal ideas. A Democrat has held the First Congressional District since 1875, but there’s a great chance that seat will flip thanks to the hard work of Rick Crawford.

Rick Crawford

Rick Crawford is another Young Gun candidate that has a unique background: military family; Army veteran; agricultural broadcaster; and even professional rodeo announcer.

What has turned Arkansas voters to look for new leaders like Rick? For starters, the Congressional Democrats’ unpopular health care law and the explosion in government spending and debt.

Unlike his opponent, Rick is listening to the voters. On health care, he wants to repeal the law and replace it with real reforms.

He also knows many people in his district are hurting because they are out of work. As a small business owner, Rick knows small businesses are the pistons in the engine of economic growth. He’ll work to keep the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts so small businesses can grow and hire more people.

By helping Rick we have a chance to make some history and get America back on track. Visit Rick’s website and check out his very active Facebook page.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy