Support Rick Berg in North Dakota's At-Large Congressional District

Note: This post was first published on Say Anything.

You don’t need me to tell you that Congressional Democrats aren’t listening to the public they were hired to serve. Two cases in point – (1) running up massive debt on an economic stimulus bill that didn’t create jobs and (2) using back room deals to ram the government takeover of health care bill through Congress.

The people want leaders who are in touch and don’t forget where they come from. One of those is Young Gun candidate Rick Berg.

Rick Berg

When Rick isn’t running his real estate business, he serves in the state legislature. Through his fiscal discipline efforts, North Dakota is one of one two states with a state budget surplus. Also, North Dakota’s unemployment rate is half that of the national average. Rick calls that the “North Dakota way.”

Compare that to what’s happened while Rick’s opponent Rep. Earl Pomeroy has been in Washington: government has gotten bigger; the deficit has exploded; and millions are looking for work. Rick calls that the “Washington way.”

Washington sure could use Rick’s hard work to help cut Washington spending and end taxes like the death tax that hurts family farms.

Check out Rick’s website and let me know what you think.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy