Support Steve Stivers in Ohio's 15th Congressional District

Note: This post was first published on Third Base Politics.

Let me highlight a candidate from Ohio. Steve Stivers has a history of duty. He was a Boy Scout, a paper boy, and served in the Middle East as part of the Ohio National Guard. This patriot earned a Bronze Star. Commitment has been a part of Steve his entire life.

Now, he sees what’s happening in our country and knows he must act. There’s too much debt, too much wasteful spending, and government is getting in the way. Steve’s sense of duty moved him to run for Congress in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District. This Young Gun has a great chance to beat Mary Jo Kilroy.

Like much of the country, people in Ohio are worried about jobs. Growing government spending, increasing the debt, and creating more mandates won’t get businesses to create jobs. As Steve put it, all the Democrats’ bad policies will do is “keep business frozen with uncertainty.”

I agree with Steve that we need to get our deficit spending under control. Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem.

Unfortunately Democrats don’t think that way. They would rather raise taxes and stifle the economy even more. That’s not what should be done if we want businesses to hire more people. Unlike his opponent, Steve was adamant to the Columbus Dispatch when he said, “Now is not the time to raise taxes on anybody.”

We need more jobs. I need conservative leaders like Steve in the House of Representatives to fight to cut wasteful spending, lower taxes, and reform Washington.

Check out Steve’s web site. Also, in the comments, leave some of your ideas on how you think we can create jobs.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy