Young Guns Book Is Out Now

The American public is fed up with out of control politicians in Washington not listening and running up too much debt, spending too much money, and enacting too many policies that are not producing jobs. They said, “Enough!” when they elected Scott Brown as Senator in Massachusetts, Bob McDonnell as Governor in Virginia, and Chris Christie as Governor in New Jersey. Now, a Gallup poll shows voters would prefer Republicans in control of Congress.
Americans want a new direction. That’s why Reps. Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and I put together the Young Guns program to recruit and train the next generation of conservative leaders.
We’ve found dozens of leaders meeting the threshold of becoming a Young Gun, including farmers and business owners like Stephen Fincher (TN-08), veterans like Allen West (FL-22), State Representatives like Kristi Noem (SD-AL), and even an ex-football player, Jon Runyan (NJ-03).
So many people from so many walks of life gave up their careers and time with their families because they see Washington has lost its way and want to do something about it.
Today, the book Young Guns comes out in bookstores. In it, Eric, Paul, and I lay out our vision of the Republican Party’s future. It’s a vision of economic freedom, limited government, strong families, and a government that listens to the people.
We’ll be appearing on Sean Hannity’s show tonight to talk about our book, the public’s feelings going into November’s elections, and where we want to take America should Republicans win the majority in the House.
I hope you can watch it, catch our other television appearances, or come to a book signing if we come to your town.
And keep reading this blog where I’ll give you a taste of what I’m seeing and hearing as I travel helping a great group of Republican House candidates.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy