The Obama Bubble and the Come back kid, McCain

So get this,Poll after poll hammers McCain, some as outrageously as a 12 points difference.Within a few minutes of the second debate being over, the left wing pundits on ABC, CNN already have a decision, ‘that one’ wins. And how about David Gergen on CNN, the man has lost his credibility, almost looks like he is on Obama’s payroll. And then…….blah, a whole lot of bullshit.Its time to concentrate on what we do and what we do best. We believe in the value of life, we believe that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman, we believe in fiscal responsibility, we dont believe in taxing and spending but most of all we know that on election day we get out there and vote. Not picked up from a soup kitchen, not picked up from the street to be registered and voted by.So, while everthing seems stacked against John McCain and Sarah Palin, only the fool will write off that come back kid. And only a bigger fool will write off the fire also known as Sarah Palin. In an election, 20+ days is a long way to go. So for the next few days, lets step out and spread the word, quietly and surely, so that when the big stick falls on Nov 4th, there will be just one man standing, John McCain.For now let the Democrats enjoy their bubble. Let their Senators and Congress men and women, say this election is a done deal. Let the pollsters do their science and let the annointed one dream of being just one state away from the Presidency. Perfect, what more do we need, the underdogs just as we would have it. Let John and Sarah do what they do best, lets step out and do our little bit. A word, a poster, a registration, an early vote, a little ad that fires across the internet, a home made video that burns the wires across you tube. Yes my friends, like the last quarter of a game, lagging behind but the result still open lets take our destiny in our own hands. Another few days to do our bit, and maybe we will know for sure we are definitely on God’s side and in that White house.