SARAH PALIN (VP 2008-2012; PRESIDENT 2012-2020)

If you are like me, by now, tired of reading the petty headlines, crazy polls and shameful banter of the Liberal, Socialist press then grab a beer, get a chair and settle down this evening to see Sarah kick ass. Here is a star, not just for today, not just for this election but for the next 12 years. This is the young bright future of the Conservative base. This is the spirit, the voice and the charm that will carry us thru for the next 12 years. This is the storm that will sweep, the leftists, the Socialists and the liberals, away from the path that they think they have already conquered.

I read at the start of this election campaign, a few months back, how scores and scores of young republicans had lost hope. In one single stroke, John McCain changed all that, the current, welcomed the future on to the big stage. I read accounts of young republicans sitting on the sidelines, grabbing their banners and joining this fight. I read of the true Conservative base that does not need organized buses to be made to vote. It’s the spirit of the Right that makes each vote count.

Shamefully, the American press has a single minded agenda, to put the Left in office. While the rest of the world laughs, the headlines reads, ‘John McCain cannot use a Computer’, ‘Sarah Palin does not read the papers’, blah, blah. Put all these headlines in a row and see the effect, pathetic might be the word. And also, shamefully, every time the left launches a new stupid wave of attack, faithfully the conservatives allow them to get under their skin. Some of the blogs here itself reeked of desperation. I even read one asking why were we not playing the race card. And somebody, please tell those republicans asking her to do the supposedly right thing and quit, SHUT UP. If not for anything, at least for the sake of the unborn, for whom this President and this VP will change the course of history, SHUT UP.

Here is as I see it:-• Today, Sarah Palin will bash them, not just Biden, he is just the poor messenger, there to take the hit. • Today she will talk to America, a free spirit talking to a free country. A middle class mom, to the millions of middle class who will decide this election• Tomorrow and in the days ahead, she will come out swinging, not the shaky, shackled, show cased VP nominee, but the true Sarah Palin.

For those depressed by the polls, take a look at Gallup today, its already just a 4 point lead. John McCain still leads in the independent count. The 30+ days is a very long time in an election. Look at the nominee whose Primary campaign was once broke who is now giving the anointed one such a tough run. This is our election to win. This is our moment to just believe that we are still the future. This is our moment to define that America is not Socialist and the left don’t rule this land.

So tonight, raise one for Sarah, celebrate the night for what will be two black eyes for Biden and then for the next 30 days, gird up your loins and fight. This victory will be Oh so sweet.