Sarah is Shrill says Harry Reid

She came, she saw and she has conquered. After a week of one sided attacks about a 22 yr old DUI against her husband, an almost pathetic campaign against her 17 year old and a host of flimsy issues, she came out swinging. Today what we saw was not just a woman described by her beauty or the novelty she brought with her, we saw the real substance of that woman who is here to challenge those boys on the other side. After days and days of whether she was vetted, whether she was fit for VP, she answered with a response as they said, ‘she hit it out of the park’. And after millions and millions of Mom’s who have worked and supported their families, they questioned whether a Mom who chose to give birth to and cherish a baby who the Democrats would have happily slaughtered in the womb, was fit to handle the job? As Rudy Guiliani said, “How dare they question……..?”.

The Polls may say a different story, but after the Country has seen the Real Action Sarah, there will be a new morning. Not one painted by the Liberal media though unimportant issues, but one who presented herself to the country through her own words, through her own personality backed solidly by a solid record. Today the Democrats have seen the real McCain-Palin ticket.

And then Harry Reid said she was ‘Shrill’. Unbelievable and apalling. He had nothing to say on the issues. I guess it just got to him. It just got to him that a new very powerful woman on the National scene in 7 short days got everyone talking, what he in years could not do. I guess thats how they knocked out their own powerful woman candidate. The big Dem boys and their club suddenly must be wondering what if, and why not a Hillary VP after winning the popular vote. Unfortunately for Harry Reid, she is coming to Washington. And as she said, she is isnt coming to please them and get their good opinion, she is coming to shake up Washington.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks, tonight lets say, three Cheers for President John McCain and the Star VP, Sarah Palin.