A pro choice VP- McCain must be Nuts

Maybe I don’t understand what message John McCain is trying to send out. Is it just feelers to see how the party would react? Is it to see how the Independents would react? Is it targetted to the Hillary supporters or does he really mean it. As a conservative I dont understand this. Why would John McCain even go there? Just when every liberal media was beginning to acknowledge that the the faithful were beginnning to rally behind McCain, just when it seemed the Polls were going to tip the other way, just when Obama’s inexperience, from a vacation, in Hawaii was showing on the Georgia conflict, comes along this zinger. To me and to many other conservatives, I’m sure its not just about winning the election. Even if it means attracting the independents and the Hillary democrats, it is totally unacceptable wavering on core values of what define conservatives. This is already a tough election and McCain is lucky, the polls have been so close. From here on its a question of how to deliver the knock out punches and condemn Obama to defeat, John McCain comes up something so suicidal. If a hardcore conservative like me, suddenly doubted McCain then how would he rally the party faithful, the key ones who would ensure victory in November.