Time for Unity and a single combined force

We stand at a unique moment in history and I will say it many times over. If you are conservative, no matter what, Mormon, Evangelical, Catholic or whatever, then what does it matter who the VP is. It would plain suicide for all Conservatives, if the choice of a VP would make some not vote. At the end of the day any choice, whoever it is, will have his or her detractors. Does this mean, you will stay away and let the Democrats take the White house.

Just for the simple fact, that John McCain will have the oppurtunity to appoint two conservative judges to the US Supreme Court Bench should be enough to get everyone on Board. As a Canadian I say, for the greatest Country in the World to be headed by a Conservative bench and the benefits that would flow from it, would be the greatest thing that could happen to the Conservative movement and the faith.

I read a few articles of some prominent evangelical leaders warning if Mitt Romney is the running mate then their troops will abondon the Republican ticket. Come on, if you are in doubt, look for a hundred reasons beside that and come out and vote.

We are less than 100 days away, start a movement that will bring out every Conservative energized enough to put John McCain in office.