A Canadian for John McCain

Hello all,

I am a Canadian and a Catholic Christian. I came to Canada in a few years back and have followed American Politics very closely over the last few years. Since George Bush came to office I have been a fanatical follower of the Republicans / Conservatives.

This year I have followed John McCain with deep interest and Obama with a deep rage. I am at the moment also disgusted with so many American Christians, American Catholics, American Evangelicals and so many Republicans themselves. Today we stand on a dangerous turn of history where liberals/Democrats and all those with Secularism as their religion are ready to put into the office of the most powerful man in the world, a man who will take away everything that we conservatives stand for. Sadly, at a time when we need to forget our differences and stand together and as we have done in the past, put our man in the White house, we stand and bicker about his level of conservatism.

I hope to reach so many thru the blog from across the border to the North. Do come back over the next few months and hopefully having worked together we will see John McCain elected in November.