Dean Boehler is Dangerous? Yes...to Liberals!

Many Republicans opened their mail today to find an attack piece against Dean Boehler, Republican candidate for State Senate District 6.  The mailer took the form of an over-sized, two-sided, color postcard. (Attachments)
The mailer, sponsored by a group called Colorado Outlook, says that, “Republican Tea Party Candidate Dean Boehler is too conservative for Colorado.”  (A little research shows that Colorado Outlook was incorporated by several liberal mouthpieces from the Denver area.)  It goes on to call Dean, “a dangerous choice for Colorado.”  Throughout the rhetoric-laced mailer, the authors try to tie Dean Boehler to the Tea Party, as if that’s a bad, scary thing.
In this year, of all years, these liberal Denver operatives couldn’t be more wrong-headed if they tried. (Which I’m sure they have.)  Guess what?  The Tea Party is very active in southwestern Colorado!  Along with the 9/12 Project and other conservative groups, the Tea Party shares a huge amount of popularity in State Senate District 6.  What were they thinking?
Two other odd things about this hit piece against Boehler.  First, Dean hasn’t been officially endorsed by any Tea Party or 9/12 group.  Don’t get me wrong.  Dean Boehler shares many of the same values as the Tea Party movement, and has spoken in front of many Tea Party and 9/12 Project audiences.  In fact, Dean considers it a compliment that Colorado Outlook associates him with the Tea Party!  He wears the distinction proudly.
The other question that comes to mind is this…  Why would a liberal political organization try to interfere in a Republican primary?  That’s right.  Dean is in a primary race with State Representative Ellen Roberts.  Why would Colorado Outlook care which candidate faces off against incumbent Democrat Bruce Whitehead?  Good question, huh?
I mean, why not wait to spend their money on the general election after the outcome of the primary is known?  “That,” as Shakespeare wrote, “is the question.”
Apparently, they believe Dean Boehler is too dangerous to allow him to challenge Bruce Whitehead.  You see, Dean Boehler IS dangerous.  He is dangerous to tax & spend liberals.  Dangerous to unfunded federal mandates.  Dangerous to groups who seek to curb our Second Amendment rights.  Dangerous to federal bureaucracies seeking to infringe on our state’s rights.  And, perhaps, most dangerous to those who believe more government control is the answer to every social problem.
So, to the Republican voters of State Senate District 6, ask yourselves one question?  If the liberals are so afraid of Dean Boehler, shouldn’t he be the one you WANT representing you in the Colorado State Senate?
Just thinking out loud.