Taking Action - First Post

Hello to the RedState community.  

This is my first post and first involvement in politics. Ever.  I’ve reached a point now where I realize I need to DO something, not just hope someone else turns this ship around.  I feel like I am a member of the silent majority who are too busy working and contributing to get involved in politics.  Maybe you’re just prone to be indifferent until it affects you personally.   The Obama administration has made it clear that it’s setting the path to socialism.  I want to look back and say I did all I could to stifle their plans and preserve freedom and the values that made America great.

The first step of the fight is defining what we believe in.  It’s essential when debating the opposition and educating the public in the upcoming elections.  If someone asks you why they should vote Republican, or what the Republican party stands for, we need to be able to say something more than the worn out lines about tax cuts.  

Conservatives had the advantage in the 90’s because the previous decades of not having a voice in the press forced us to sharpen our debate.  Somewhere along the way we forgot about the 40 years we were out of power in Congress and took for granted what it took to get there.   Yes, our politicians let us down.  But, there was no grass roots effort to keep them in line.  I’m guilty, like many people, of relying on Rush Limbaugh to convey our ideas and lead the movement.  Our arguments got sloppy and we had no counter to the new talking points of the Left.  Our politicians looked back and didn’t see a solid base to fall back on.  No wonder they caved.

Well, I’ll start my little part here.  My appreciation to all who are already leading the charge.