The Intolerant Agents of Tolerance

I have for many years now had a loathing for people who preach “tolerance” as they seem to do so as a means of advancing their own brand of intolerance. Earlier today, the CEO of Mozilla was essentially forced to resign because he contributed in support of California’s PROP 8.

The contributor list was illegally provided to the “Human Rights Campaign” by someone at the I.R.S.

I remember many a left wing opponent of the Iraq War declaring that “dissent is patriotic”. It certainly is American if not strictly patriotic, but tell me why is dissent on same sex marriage not similarly patriotic? Unfortunately, the agents of “tolerance” only apply this precept when it provides cover for their words or actions all the while trying to strip those same protections from those on the flip side.

It seems that the contradictions in applying the patriotic merits of individual dissent, rather than being uniquely American is far more reminiscent of Maoist efforts at re education, summarily dispensing with those who resist being assimilated by the collective politically correct.

In modern America dissent is no longer patriotic, it is now hateful,racist and phobic. If you oppose you are now out of a job. Take whatever position you like but there was a time when we did not seek to make indigent those with whom we differed. Times are changing, but intolerance remains in a new form by those who preach tolerance loudest. The more things change the more they remain the same.