Why Obama's Flip Flop On Gay Marriage Will Hurt His Re-Election

I wanted to take a moment to present an objective assessment of the political fallout from Barack Obama’s flip flop on gay marriage. First of all it’s quite obvious to all as evidenced by the polling that this was not a heartfelt transformation,it is transparently opportunistic. It won’t work and given the timing it’s awful politics. It might have worked in a booming economy, but this decision as an effort to distract from the economy is insulting.

The American People are always focused on the economy, but in our current state of economic stagnation (at best) the amount of publicity on the matter must be annoying if not infuriating to the public at large.

Why won’t it work? Why won’t we fall for the slight of hand? Consider this. If you’re one of the millions of Americans out of work,underemployed or on food stamps are you thrilled to turn on the news and see all the gushing over his “evolution”?

Looking for a job? Don’t worry, Our President has evolved!
Struggling to pay the rent or mortgage? Gay marriage will save you!
Struggling with rising gas and food prices? Hey, at least you can marry anyone you want!
Concerned about the quality of your child’s education? Don’t worry their teachers will enlighten them on the wisdom of Obama’s “evolution” even if they can’t read at their grade level and are destined to a future of crippling student loan debt for a college education that no longer pays dividends.

Sooner or later Obama will be forced to defend the economy and nothing can save him from that fate. Sooner or later he’ll have to make the case to millions of Americans why his economy is worthy of a repeat performance. The American People will not accept an “I support gay marriage” answer to a question about creating jobs. There are too many people who are searching for real hope for a better tomorrow. They will ask: What does it matter who we can marry if I have no job and struggle to keep a roof over my head and food on the table?

Barack Obama is going to find out the hard way that it really is the economy stupid.