Rick Perry Says I Have No Heart

I have desperately been waiting for a true conservative to step up to the plate and win me over. I had thought Rick Perry was the guy. On the issues as a whole I’m in Perry’s corner. I would prefer his position on the issues to go forward as our standard, but then there was his defense of  Texas’ “Dream Act”.

I respect Rick Perry defending his position on illegal immigration. He stuck to his guns despite its being a liability in Republican primaries. Most voters disagree with him, but he defended it. Ok. That’s why we have debates after all.

It was his concluding statement that has infuriated me. He defended his position by stating that those who oppose his position “have no heart”. Really? No heart? Rick Santorum jumped on this to his credit.

Rick Perry is free to defend his position as he sees it on the merits, but to suggest his critics are heartless is right out of the liberal textbook. As conservatives it is bad enough that we must endure such assaults from liberals and their acolytes in the mainstream media, but we’ve come to expect that and have effectively rebutted this view. But from Rick Perry? A conservative Republican Governor of Texas to criticize a dissenting view to label his conservative critics “heartless”?  I would expect that from Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or Michael Moore, but from the front runner in a contest for President?

When it comes to politics, I can be as jaded and as cynical as they come in spite of an overall sense that we can overcome every obstacle. What Rick Perry said was an affront, an insult to every conservative who has ever had the indignity of being called “heartless”. I don’t agree with Rick Perry on the policy in question, so in his world I have no heart. That’s not politics, that’s personal to me. If Governor Perry insists upon employing liberal talking points to further his agenda, then maybe he should’ve remained a registered Democrat and stopped wasting my time in a Republican primary.