Is The Drudge Report Low Balling Hurricane Irene?

I’ve been watching coverage of Hurricane Irene. Being a resident of Tampa, Florida, I have been through Hurricane Frances and Jean and the close call of Charley. So, like all Floridians I’m personally aware of what a hurricane or tropical storm can do. As I’m typing this I’m listening to reports that Irene is outperforming its category.

I’ve also been perusing websites and that includes Drudge Report. I’ve had other concerns of late with Mr. Drudge’s site recently, but I am alarmed with links that are downplaying expectations. There are a wide variety of links,but this link to Dr. Simon Atkins reads on Drudge like this: Forecaster: ‘Hype over Hurricane Irene overblown’…

Additionally, another link to Real Science reads like this: Scientist Mocks: Phony ‘Hurricane’ Coming On Shore With 33 MPH Winds. The rest of the links deal with the preparation for the storm, but do not contradict directly the absurdity of these two links.

Storms like Irene always draw out the idiots who are intrigued by its power. These people put their lives, the lives of family and friends at risk. It also risks first responders who feel a sense of responsibility even among these conditions to provide assistance.

If Matt Drudge wants to be a skeptic that’s his prerogative, but as well trafficked as his site is he should feel a greater sense of responsibility at the very least. There are plenty of fools under these conditions, Matt Drudge must stop encouraging them.