A Note To Newt: You Can't Run For President On Cruisde Control

So, big news in the GOP broke earlier this evening when it was announced that several top campaign employees and consultants for Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign resigned.The names of those who resigned are not too important as far as I’m concerned because the act of resigning en masse indicates a tragically flawed candidate. The absurdity of this is that former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue who was serving as campaign chair also quit and went on board with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s competing bid for the nation’s high office. We’ve never quite seen anything like this before.

This episode ends what was once a meteoric career in politics. Newt Gingrich was once the wonder kid of the GOP,an almost heroic figure having played a defining role in ending a 42 year Democratic rule of the House of Representatives. I recall at the time so many people saying they never thought they’d see that day in their natural lives. It was that big a deal.

Newt Gingrich for all his faults and his many enemies had earned the grudging respect of all. He was the “idea guy”. He had an almost innate political instinct and had strategic understanding of issues and could employ his knowledge tactically. A rare combination in politics. It used to be a lethal combination.

I’ve also admired Gingrich because he’s a “history guy”. So am I. As such I always felt something kindred in his analysis of current events with definitive historical insights. Few were as deft as he was in this regards. But for these qualities I admired, Newt Gingrich as a public figure never embraced the axiom that “repetition is the soul of wit”. In short Gingrich never likes to repeat himself.So he crafted varying responses to the same repetitive inquiries.He rejected the tedium that must be embraced to a degree to further yourself in public life. By rejecting repetition he increased the risk of putting his foot in his mouth as we have often seen.

I thought Newt Gingrich might be a true dark horse in this race.I really did. I was looking forward to him in the debates. I felt he could’ve provided form and substance in driving and framing those debates. I was wrong and it saddens me that his public life will end with a whimper,but a whimper it is.

Four years ago like many conservatives I was excited when Fred Thompson announced he was running for President. I thought it was a game changer. Many would suggest I was embracing a false narrative,but I felt like Thompson did not have the fire in his belly. In any case he didn’t get as far as the Florida primary anyway. Now I find out that one week before the CNN debate and after skipping the South Carolina debate that he was on a cruise with his wife. That’s right! A CRUISE. I sure hoped they got their fair share of jumbo shrimp at the buffet.

If you want my vote then you campaign for the job. You don’t go on the cruise. You sure don’t ask your faithful staff members to keep plugging away while you sip on a rum runner. His staff quit because his actions didn’t meet his words.His commitment wasn’t worthy of the hard work of others.Next time Newt,just write another book and spare us your half assed,uninspiring and downright lazy campaigning. Ideas aren’t the only thing that matters. You have to earn a vote by deeds that are inspired by higher ideals. I would’ve liked to have voted for you. It’s a shame you never bothered to ask. Enjoy the cruise.I sure hope you enjoy the sunset.