Anthony Weiner's Lack of Conscience

Anthony Weiner finally came clean,but he’s not resigning. Yesterday’s press conference was excruciating.He held it because he got caught.If he hadn’t made the mistake of posting the picture he’d still be doing it.

You don’t need to bite from an apple to know that men behaving badly is not unique in the annals of history.We just have so many impulsive avenues with which to express them. First of all, why does a man who has such a weakness for the opposite sex invite temptation? Why do you get married if you cannot restrain yourself? If,as is common with many or most men you get weak kneed for an attractive woman then you either do not get married or you avoid venues where temptation is readily available. It’s called respect.

Anthony Weiner, like so many of us has forgotten the simple truths we were taught as children. As kids we were told “It’s not what you said, but how you said it”. In short,it’s not the message,but the tone of its delivery. As kids when we know we’ve down something wrong, we tried to hide it or maybe lie about it because on some level we were afraid to disappoint our parents with the truth.That is a rational sense of shame driving behavior. It’s a question of degrees. Hiding the truth is not the same as a web of lies to deceive those who inquire.

Anthony Weiner did more than hide the truth. He did more than just lie. It’s how he lied that matters. First,he said he was hacked which is a federal crime,but called for no investigation. Then,he tried to smear Andrew Breitbart by suggesting he was behind the illegal hacking that he didn’t want investigated.His willing acolytes at the Daily Kos,Media Matters,HuffPost and others advanced the idea.

Then he was confronted by reporters outside his office. His arrogant,condescending tone to CNN’s Dana Bash, as fine a reporter as there is on a network nobody watches. Then he called the police on a CBS reporter seeking an interview. All of this of course reminds one of his infamous interview with FOX’s Megyn Kelly.Again, the haughtiness,the arrogance,the demeaning tone. He was lying,he knew he was lying and he was going to smear,ridicule and demean all who were on his trail.

Anthony Weiner wasn’t just trying to cover up his weird behavior.He wasn’t just lying.His behavior demonstrates a willingness to sacrifice the dignity of those he loves,those whose job it is to cover him and the trust of his constituents. He was willing to impugn the integrity of anyone that did not worship at the altar to his vanity.

Anthony Weiner admitted he lied. He refuses to resign. Does that surprise anyone? He lacks both the character and the integrity to do the right thing and resign. His refusal to resign has a common root with his recent behavior. He has no conscience. If,like a child he just wanted to shield mom and dad from being disappointed,then I could understand. But imagine patronizing your parents when they asked you what you did? Imagine insulting them? Or cursing them? Or calling the cops on them? Or telling them to mind their own business? Or worse yet, telling everybody that mom and dad hacked your account? The difference of course is that Anthony Weiner thinks he’s the parent and we are the children.

Anthony Weiner didn’t just lie to protect his family. He lied and smeared because he has no conscience.He knew he would cause harm to others and he went forward anyway. A conscientious man would see his tragic flaw and resign to recover a shred of pride or dignity.But he won’t resign, because a man without a conscience has neither pride nor dignity. Anthony Weiner is such a man.