George Will Goes Nuclear On Sarah Palin?

George Will has in the past demonstrated intellectual disdain for conservatives that he deems unrefined in advancing conservative principles. His assault on Sarah Palin today is over the top. Does George Will think Sarah Palin is untrustworthy of presiding over our nuclear arsenal? Why would he make this statement if only to imply that Palin is mentally unhinged and therefore unsuited for office?

George Will has contributed mightily to the conservative movement in a scholarly role, like a professor to a student. But like most students admire the intellect of the teachers they ultimately shed the presumptions of the ivory tower when confronted with daily reality. George Will has a place, but like so many beltway pundits he has narrow conditions for “acceptable” conservatism. George Will’s opinion of Sarah Palin is well known,his larger opinion of her Presidential prospects may be valid, but we need to see him for what he is: a great man with many opinions well spoken from the ivory towers of Sunday Morning commentary. I share his opinion of Sarah Palin’s prospects, but to imply she would ill serve to such an extent as play with nuclear fire is the worst sort of commentary disguised as intellect. It is his equivalent “daisy ad” that LBJ ran against Barry Goldwater. Sarah Palin has been subject to intense ridicule, but this is the worst yet. She deserves better. The conservative movement deserves better.

The video can be seen here:http://www.mediaite.com/tv/george-will-everyone-knows-sarah-palin-should-not-be-trusted-with-nuclear-weapons/