I’m trying to avoid those awful cliches that are often used by the "loyal opposition" when they find themselves in agreement with a President of the other party. It’s not easy, but I’ll cut to the quick.

1.) Like September 11,2001, May 1st, 2011 will be remembered by all of us. I was watching the Phillies-Mets game on ESPN and immediately lost interest.
2.) This is a day that transcends all that distinguishes us from the other. It is a day when our common faith and heritage find expression and partisanship is given a just respite.
3.) As a conservative who finds little, if any common ground with President Obama it must be said that he is worthy of our highest praise. His decisiveness has lifted a nation and for the moment provided a renewed confidence.
4.) More partisan observations will follow soon, but the President who has been justly criticized for seeming indifferent or detached from military and foreign policy (LIBYA) had a moment of clarity. He was provided with solid, but not complete intelligence. He acted anyway and without the approval or knowledge of the host country of Pakistan. As Teddy Roosevelt might say, "BULLY FOR YOU".
5.) President Obama was sharply criticized in the 2008 campaign by John McCain and Hillary Clinton for suggesting he would violate Pakistani sovereignty to get Bin Laden. He was right. They were wrong. Don’t agree? I bet you weren’t thinking about Pakistani territorial integrity when you heard about his death,huh?
6.) Today we can be proud to be Americans and our politics aside we can be proud of President Obama for his bold and decisive leadership. I most fervently desire that it becomes a trend in his decision making.

I was watching coverage today and one of the commentator’s made an interesting analogy. September, 11,2001 was correctly paralleled to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Both attacks initiated an unwanted and unexpected war.He was referring to "DOOLITTLE’S RAIDERS".

Doolittle’s raid occurred on April 18,1942, almost 4 1/2 months after Pear Harbor. It took us nearly ten years to get Bin Laden, but the two events are linked by their cathartic effect on a weary nation. Prior to the raid on Tokyo we were weary from a string of defeats. Our present conflicts do not qualify as a string of defeats, but an unconventional enemy and its duration has had a similar demoralizing effect.

Somewhere, someone in the Navy Seals at the command and unit levels are this generations Jimmy Doolittle. We don’t know their names or faces and they likely want it that way. But like the men gathered in the photo above, there is a photo of the men who served up Bin Laden. We can be proud of their service and in a moment of clarity from this conservative to our most liberal President I can find pride in his actions.

We can all be proud. As the title says, Let’s "EAT", "DRINK" and "BE MERRY" for Osama Bin Laden is dead! Oh, by the, Mr. President? The drinks are on you.