Note To Obama (And Everyone Else): Conspiracy Theories Never Die or Fade Away

I utterly detest,loathe,hate,despise and any other word you can think of to express how I feel about conspiracy theories. I take history too seriously and know it well enough to discard conspiracy.

I would be sympathetic to Obama regarding his birth certificate if it weren’t obvious to me that he let it fly under the radar because he believed it labeled all of his critics as crazy and detached from reality. Sadly, due to the efforts of the “Publicity In Chief” Donald Trump, “birtherism” had entered the mainstream and was sucking up all the oxygen while important were tossed aside. Obama’s declining poll numbers and Trump’s rising numbers made it necessary to end the debate, at least in the world of the rational. Pure politics drove the release as the fringe found mainstream outlets.

Sadly, as the President acknowledged it will not satisfy everyone. Par for the course as history goes. We have a film of a President being assassinated yet many dispute the assassin as Lee Harvey Oswald. Many have latched onto James Earl Ray’s assertion that he did not kill MLK. Sirhan Sirhan? It had to be someone else.

Conspiracy theories are not confined to assassins. You have those who insist that “Gnostics” were the real Christians overwhelmed by the “phony” Christianity of the last 1800 years. The Knights Templar? What didn’t they have their hand in? From protecting the bloodline of Jesus to inventing America as the Freemasons.

There are theories that are similar. FDR was accused of knowing about the attack on Pearl Harbor and of course plenty of people think George Bush knew about 9/11 and some think he orchestrated it. Or Dick Cheney. Then there’s Edwin Stanton who some think was in on the assassination Lincoln. And who can forget Reagan making a deal with Iran not to release the hostages before the 1980 election or his bringing crack to the inner city? Yawn.

The more rational among us will let this rest, but of course the Orly Taitz’s and Alex Jones’s of the world will find “holes” in the certificate and feed Jerome Corsi’s new book on the subject as the truth.

So,let me take a moment to predict the charges on why the long form is false in the eyes of hard core “birthers”. In bullet format:

*It’s printed on paper that wasn’t invented in 1961
*The paper was too thick or too thin than was normal in 1961
*The ink is too dark or too faded
*The handwriting is not from the same hand
*The birth certificate did not identify him as a Muslim or have college transcripts.
*It wasn’t written in Hawaiian
*It’s a fraud because we know his parents were really Darth Vader and Alex Jones
*The flip side has a “Made In Kenya” stamp.
*Just Because (stick out your tongue while saying)
*Obama can’t be telling the truth because he’s never told the truth.

Just a little bit tongue in cheek, but as I’m typing this I’m betting the long awaited release of the long form has been torn to shreds as a fraud. Blah blah blah. Time,history and conspiracy theories keep rolling along.