Ann Coulter Is Right About Trump and Birthers

Ann Coulter was being interviewed by Sean Hannity last night and she succinctly laid out the case against Trump and this resurgent interest in an Obama birth certificate. I’ve always thought this story was crap from day one. First, as Ann Coulter points out there is fundamentally no difference between the long form birth certificate and short form. They are both certified.

Personally, I think the Obama team is loving the attention being given to it because it gives them an opportunity to force each prospective GOP candidate for President to answer the question and take away vital time from important issues like oh…..the economy,gas prices,the national debt, etc. Trump is making a fool of himself and risks everyone being tarred with his foolishness. To all the “birthers”, I ask this: Do you really think ruthless characters like Bill and Hillary Clinton could not have found the evidence and used it against him? The Clinton’s of “war room” politics? Those liberal versions of Nixonian politics and paranoia?

If not the Clinton’s then how about conservative iconic publications like “Human Events” and “The American Spectator” as Ann Coulter pointed out. I loathe and utterly detest conspiracy theories as they are the product of irrational supposition from incomplete portraits suggesting an inability to differentiate chance and order. The notion that everything is the product of planning is absurd.

The absurdity of this crackpot theory is rooted in the bizarre notion that the infant Obama was identified at birth as a future President and an intense cover up was implemented to shield the truth. All this over a man no one had ever heard of as recent as 2004 before his keynote address at the DNC. John Kerry chose him to deliver the speech, so maybe he was in on the plot, huh?

It’s time to stop with the irrational and ignore desperate pleas for attention from media whores like Donald Trump. Our stake in the future of the nation is too important to waste placating the vanity of a man who will leave egg on all our faces.