I Need Help Exposing Bob Brady As A Fraud

I have been a resident of Tampa since 1997, but am a native Philadelphian. Philadelphia Congressman Bob Brady has proposed legislation that would regulate political speech, specifically citing "target" ads.

Bob Brady has been Chairman of Democratic City Commitee of Philadelphia since 1986. In 1992 Democrat Mike Stack was running against Republican incumbent State Senator Hank Salvatore. Stack was critical of Salvatore’s vote on a gun control bill or amendment regarding "cop killer" bullets. He ran a direct mailer with a bullseye over a picture of a couple of cops suggesting his vote was making Philadelphia cops a "target", hence the imagery. Brady had to have known about this flier. I’m hoping there’s an archive or library for political mailings. If not, I’m hoping maybe reporting from the Daily News and Inquirer. Or perhaps an official campaign response by Salvatore. Help if you can, because I want to expose this fraud.

Kevin A Ward